Boost retail sales and efficiency with omnichannel marketing

Fivegrid is a cloud-based customer engagement platform, designed to help retailers deliver amazing customer experiences, unlock the power of sales and customer satisfaction with personalized experience across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp - just like a pro-shopper who knows where to find the best deals.

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Everything your team needs

Single customer view

Combine data from different platforms and channels, unlock insights from your customer behavior and preferences.

Shopping Ads

Showcase your products directly on Google search and social channels like Facebook and Instagram, resulting in increased visibility and sales.

WhatsApp messages

Direct communication with customers, building trust and stronger relationships, resulting in increased engagement and sales.

grow your business online

Build relationships

In a crowded market, a positive customer experience online can set your company apart from its competitors and make it a more attractive choice for potential customers. Integrated with channels where your customers are most engaged.

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Google Ads
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Personalized journey

It's not just about connecting the in-store with online channels, but also creating a unique and memorable experience for your customers — and more importantly — for them to share.


The ultimate dashboard

Get insights on your customers and marketing campaigns all at one place. The dashboard gives you a quick overview of how your company is performing in terms of revenue, gross margin and customer retention.

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Sell more, make customers happy and look smart

How our tool can help your business

Unlock the revenue potential hidden in your customer data

Take your marketing game to the next level by segmenting your customer base and tailoring your marketing campaigns to specific groups of customers, resulting in more effective and personalized communications. Leave your competitors in the dust with increased customer loyalty, retention, and revenue.

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